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Using the very latest in IPL technology, SmoothSkin Pure delivers a smart, fast and powerful treatment designed to stop hair growth and reveal beautiful skin, free from dark shadows and stubble!

  • 3 operating modes for a tailored treatment
  • Built in skin tone sensor that adapts the treatment to your unique skin tone
  • Smoother for longer: 20 Watts of hair stopping power means you can go longer between sessions
  • Full body treatment (legs, bikini line, underarms and face) in as little as 10 minutes
  • Unlimited flashes so you’ll never have to worry about running out
  • 96% of women who tried it would recommend to their friends!

SmoothSkin Pure is the most powerful device on the market, giving you the quickest treatment and long-lasting results. Clinically proven to deliver permanent hair reduction, you will see visible results in just four weeks. Our unique Smart Skin Sensor automatically detects and delivers the highest power tailored to your skin tone. 10 intensity levels and 3 comfort modes offer the safest, most powerful and personalised treatment to leave your skin smooth and hair-free for months.

Item code: SZ001584
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