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Product Description
Meridiana's Large Rubber Ducks Tub

A delightful addition to bath time fun for kids and the young at heart. Each tub comes packed with 12 traditional yellow rubber ducks, each equipped with a disco LED light for an extra splash of excitement during bathtime.

Not suitable for children under 3 years of age due to small parts and button battery.

Key Points
Each tub contains 12 large rubber ducks, ensuring endless bathtime entertainment.

Rubber ducks feature disco LED lights, adding a colourful and playful touch to bath routines.

Convenient tub packaging makes it easy to display in-store and keeps the ducks organised and accessible.

Ducks are traditional yellow, capturing the classic charm of these beloved bath toys.

Each duck contains a button battery for long-lasting LED light enjoyment.

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How to Use
Place the duck in the bathwater and watch as it illuminates the tub with colorful disco lights.

Encourage imaginative play and sensory exploration as children interact with the light-up rubber ducks during bathtime.

After use, ensure the ducks are properly dried to preserve the longevity of the LED lights.
Single Weight 78g
Item code: ME9862
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