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Beardtrimmer series 5000 Beard & stubble trimmer with full metal blades | BT5200/13

Effortless even trim
Dynamic beard guide system for an even result

  • 17 settings - 0.2 mm precision
  • Lift & trim system guides hair
  • 60 min cordless use/1 hr charge
  • Wet & dry use

The Dynamic Beard Guide system with the help of the integrated hair lift comb lifts the hairs up to the level of the blades for even trimming results and lets you achieve exactly the 3 day stubble, short beard or long beard look you want.

Trim your stubble in one quick pass, while being gentle on your skin. Our new Integrated hair lift comb lifts and guides the hairs to the level of the blades for effortless, even trimming.

Select your preferred trim length by simply turning the zoom wheel on the handle until the length you want is displayed from 0.4–10 mm with 0.2 mm precision. Your chosen length is now "locked in" for a perfectly even trim.

Charge your beard trimmer for 1 hour to get 60 minutes of cordless use. If you need more energy while trimming, you can simply plug the trimmer into the wall. This trimmer has been designed to work both cordlessly and while plugged in

100% waterproof for easy, thorough cleaning

Get a perfect yet protective trim, time after time. The beard trimmer's steel blades lightly brush against one another, sharpening themselves as they trim so they stay extra sharp and effective. They also have rounded tips and combs to help prevent skin irritation.

Keep an ideal 3 day stubble, day after day, by using the trimmer's shortest 0.4 mm setting.

2-year guarantee, worldwide voltage and no need to oil 

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