Monday, September 10, 2018

Our Cassandra Hot Water Bottles are all manufactured to British Standard BS1970:2012 and come with a 5 Year Product Guarantee.

Made from natural rubber. Shop now >

Over 2.5 Million Sold. Supplied with a 5 Year Manufacturer Guarantee

Over 2.5 million sold (since 2013) making our Cassandra Hot Water Bottle a firm customer favourite!

The perfect product for warming the bed on cold winter nights.

Available uncovered in plain, single ribbed and double ribbed options or choose from our large selection of covered bottles. All covered hot water bottles are manufactured to the same exacting standard.

Rubber Thickness Minimum 1.6mm (British Standard Requirement is 1.4mm)

Handmade by skilled craftspeople to ensure that each bottle exceeds the British Standard requirement in wall thickness (minimum 1.4mm).

The thickness of the rubber wall for all of our hot water bottles is a minimum of 1.6mm.

Every batch is tested during manufacturing and again on completion to ensure that it meets our stringent requirements for the safety of the user including water pressure leak tests, stopper and ferrule inspection, and wall thickness inspection.

No More Washers (The part that goes missing the most)

Based on customer feedback we’ve revolutionised the hot water bottle with a new washer-less stopper.

The rubber washers on hot water bottles have historically been the most common part to go missing first, rendering your hot water bottle useless due to potential leaking issues.

With our stopper design the washer is not required, giving your hot water bottle an increased life-span.

Every bottle is quality tested with the stopper supplied, prior to leaving the factory.