Dr Browns

Inspired by parents everywhere, Dr Brown’s continues to innovate and develop products that focus on great functionality for parents and good health for baby.

Originally designed by a doctor in the USA, now 92% of UK Health Professionals recommend Dr Brown’s Options+™ bottles for the relief of colicky symptoms**. The unique internal vent system channels air away from baby’s feed as air can cause these colicky symptoms. No air also means a consistent flow rate that supports breastfeeding babies!

With almost half of babies in the UK developing colicky symptoms* why wait until it develops? “Prevention is better than cure” use Dr Brown’s Options+™ anti-colic bottles from birth to help alleviate the symptoms of windy colic.

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References: **Research carried out by Mustard Research Ltd amongst a sample of 200 UK Healthcare Professionals during May 2017

*Colic survey carried out by Consumer Analysis Ltd – 2010

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