Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Each one of Audisol´s ear care products can help you to gain fast effective relief from symptoms associated with excessive ear wax build up and help to maintain healthy ears, leaving you free from pain and discomfort. The perfect (& safe!) alternative to cotton buds.

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AUDISOL Ear Cleansing Spray 50ml
Trade £5.25/€6.83 | RRP £8.99/€11.98

Developed to help you rinse away unwanted wax from the ear canal safely and hygienically.

  • Specially designed canister to deliver a gentle and constant spray through its safety nozzle
  • Chemical and preservative free
  • Use daily for best results to help your ears feel fresh and clean


AUDISOL Ear Wax Remover 15ml
Trade £2.63/€3.42 | RRP £4.49/€5.98

Developed to help dissolve the hardened ear wax that impairs hearing and improve the effectiveness of hearing aids.

  • The active ingredients extracted from olive oil breaks down the hard ear wax blockages caused by the cotton buds, hearing aids or ear bud headphones
  • Specially designed pump and nozzle to deliver the right dose straight to the ear canal


AUDISOL Pain Relief Spray 15ml
Trade £5.25/€6.83 | RRP £8.99/€11.98

This formula is designed to provide relief from painful swelling and irritation caused by an ear infection.

  • Unique blend of herbal, non steroidal, natural anti-inflammatory painkillers
  • Specially designed pump and nozzle to deliver the right dose to the right areas


AUDISOL Dry Ears 30ml
Trade £3.50/€4.55 | RRP £5.99/€7.98

This fast action formula is designed to remove trapped water in the ear canal caused by swimming and bathing.

  • Provides fast relief from trapped water preventing the symptoms of ‘swimmers ear’
  • Pump and nozzle is easy to use
  • Helps deliver the right amount quickly


Buy a pack of the Pain Relief Spray, Dry Ears and Ear Cleansing Spray AND get:

  • Pack of 3 Ear Wax Remover Free (Trade Value £7.89/€10.26)
  • Pack of 6 SA8354 Ear Cleaners Free ( Trade Value £6.96/€9.06)

Deal Trade £42.00/€54.60 | RRP £98.00/€130.59
Total Free (trade value) - £14.85/€19.32 | Retail Value - £25.41/€33.84