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FLO Organic Bamboo Pads
Biodegradable, Plastic Free, Ultra Thin with Wings, 10 Day and 5 Night Pads

Our mission is to delight and honour you with healthier, eco-friendlier, adorabler personal care that gives back.

  • 100% organic cotton tampons* and 100% Organic bamboo pads and panty liners**.
  • Plant-based wrappers for our Non-Applicator Tampons, Pads and Panty Liners***.
  • Silkyyy-soft sanitary pads and tampons that offer superior leak protection and comfort throughout your FLO.
  • Ultra-thin, ultra-absorbent sanitary towels + tampons that expand widthwise for extra protection.
  • Periods can be messy, period products shouldn't be!
  • We love all animals equally (yes, even you, scary crocodiles!), so we'll never test our products on them.
  • No nasties here! No chemical residues, dyes, pesticides, chlorine bleach or fragrances.
  • We're vegan, so we lead with kindness and love for mama nature!

Our period care range includes organic bamboo pads, organic tampons with and without applicators, as well as organic bamboo panty liners - all in planet-friendly, empowering packaging!

*Certified by the Institute of Ethical and Environmental Certification certificate #2011-007
**Certified by ECO-CERT Organic Standard certificate #19-95762-Z-149510-2019

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