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Our Baby Muslin Hooded Towel Set is a great way to make sure your little one is kept wrapped up and head covered after their bath time. Petite Piccolo’s hooded towels have modified the traditional hooded towel by making the hood with 100% prewashed cotton muslin. This provides extra softness around your little one’s head and continues to absorb excess water. The Petite Piccolo towel is large at 90cm x 90cm and so, depending on the size of your little one, can last up to 18 months or more. Added to this towel is a 30cm x 30cm, 3 layered muslin washcloth. This washcloth allows you to get to those most difficult of areas to dry on your little one such as under their necks and in those creases so you avoid any dampness on your little one’s body after their bath time.

  • 90cm x 90cm (hooded towel) and 30cm x 30m (washcloth)
  • 100% prewashed cotton muslin
  • Illustrated in a feather print, and one in the stars and moon print
  • 3 layers of cotton muslin stitched together for the washcloth
  • Includes,1 x hooded towel and 1 x washcloth

Why Cotton

Our range of Petite Piccolo products are made from 32s yarn, 100% prewashed cotton. The higher the yarn count…the finer the yarn, which makes it luxuriously soft, durable and more importantly very soft on your baby’s delicate skin .

By manufacturing in cotton rather than alternative fabrics, Petite Piccolo is ensuring the absorbency is a key feature of its products. 100% cotton muslin is used in all Petite Piccolo products due to its breathability, which adds a key safety factor to all baby products. Using a higher than normal yarn count adds to the softness to the product. All the products are prewashed, which ensures that multiple washes at home would not distort the size and shape of the original product.

All the Baby Muslin Hooded Towel Sets have been ISO 9001:2015 certified which helps ensure that customers get consistent, good quality products and services, which in turn brings many business benefits.

Take care of me

The more you wash your Baby Muslin Hooded Towel Set the softer they become over time. We recommend you wash on 40 degree gentle temperature and line dry naturally or tumble dry on a low setting. 

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